VR Laser Harp

Play on a simulation of the Laser Harp from the 80’s, with original samples taken from an Elka Synthex for an authentic experience.

Change octaves and scales from the controller to provide a full keyboard from C1 to D4 that you can control on-the-fly, this is a close simulation – including the limitations of that original 1980s system with just a few tweaks for convenience (the original didn’t have multi-coloured lasers!) . This is aimed at enthusiasts so isn’t a game, just your opportunity to play a Laser Harp.

Why charge? While this has been a passion project, I’d love to develop it further and I can only justify spending the time adding possible feature requests if it helps keep the lights on! It’s 1/2 the cost of a cup of coffee and for some can fulfill a lifelong dream!

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