Just over a week ago we released our first game “ANTs Adventures”; a game all about skill, patience and tapping. It’s been downloaded over 700+ times and generated over a $1; in other words we couldn’t be happier.

The day after it was released we found a few bugs, the latest update which went live last week will fix them all including the game not working on the iPhone 4 (sorry about that).

ANTs Adventure is not a game for the faint-hearted, it’s hard… so to help you climb the leaderboard here’s 4 tips:

Tip 1 – Water is your friend:

ANT can swim, just dive into the water and tap to swim down rather than fly; while under make sure you grab some fish they’re worth 25 points each.

ANT - Swimming

Tip 2 – Mouths to Feed:

One you have some fish drop them off at a nest, depending on the size your fish will be multiplied for even more points! (e.g. Drop 5 fish off at a medium nest and you’ll receive 250 points)

ANT - Near Nest

Tip 3 – Flying in the Dark:

When inside a cave try to tap just before you hit the bottom of the cave, there’s enough room to jump inside just not if your too high.

ANT - Cave Jump


Tip 4 – Like the Abba Song:

Money, Money, Money is everywhere; inside caves and floating above water. Each coin is worth 5 points and every little helps to increase your score.

ANT - Coins


Hopefully these tips will help you climb the leaderboard and beat our designer Tim, we’ve tried and failed…. now its your turn!

If you haven’t downloaded ANTs Adventure then click here and get playing.