Geeky Leek recently entered the Unity T-shirt design competition and are very pleased to say we won !

Our lead artist Tim Hills produced a t-shirt design showing Unity brings great technology to the heart of gaming.

Geeky Leeks winning t-shirt competition entry

Geeky Leeks winning t-shirt competition entry

We are working on some original games, but first will share with you what has become the “Hello World” of gaming the “YAFBC”, Yet Another Flappybird Clone!  Just because doing a Breakout clone is so 1980 🙂

I know, the store really doesn’t need another one, but every group needs some training wheels and we are releasing it for free of course.  Once its available in a couple of weeks, we’ll let you know.  We’ve done some interesting things with the concept, so check back or follow us on twitter for some news.

A huge thank you to Unity for running the competition, you can already pickup the t-shirts in their store:

If I can just drag myself away from Unity, we’ll give this website some TLC next.