Chroma Connect

Chroma Connect is the colour matching game thats zen and peaceful, that is until you find yourself on totally the wrong colour then its a mad dash swipe to match the colours in time!

Playing is easy, just match the bottom colour to the top by a simple swipe before they collide.

With 6 different game possibilities you can build your own custom game by choosing a game type and if you want to play against the clock.

You have two game types, the easier match the bottom colour to the top colour before they collide, or the harder memory game type where you have just one second to memorise the colour before trying to match it.

You have three timer types depending how long you want to play: A fixed 60 second game, keep earning time for correct matches or free play where you can practise your skills.

With achievements to collect and friends to challenge Chroma Connect is the quick and easy to play game you can play for minutes or hours.

Download from Google Play and the iOS app store.

Android app on Google Play


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